Sunday, June 8, 2014

What I've been reading lately

Two things I can't get enough of: museums and shoes. My favourite museum in London is the British Museum, but I headed over to the V&A last week to take a look and spotted this ironwork with two hounds. This will be perfect for my French chateau. It's available in the gift shop, right? I've also come to the realization that I have a shoe problem. I'm like the Little Mermaid. You'd think my collection is complete, but I want mooooorrrreeeeee!

Anyway, here's a few notable links to what I've been reading lately:

I'm not much into nail art unless it's for a laugh, but I love these black marble nails from Love Aesthetics. One day when I have enough patience I'll give them a go. [Love Aesthetics]

A neglected chateau in the south of France was purchased by an Australian family, who has started restoration and is blogging + instagramming the progress. This is pretty much my dream. [Chateau de Gudanes]

And along the same theme, check out this rustic stone mansion in Bourgogene, France. I mean that staircase. The furnishings are not all to my taste but I would love to live in a house with bones like that. [Desire to Inspire]

Check out Style Zeitgeist's picks from ICFF [Style Zeitgeist Blog]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has released almost 400,000 high resolution images to the public, including these images of late 1800s Japan [Spoon and Tamago]

I love to hear stories about the revival of domestic production, like the Shinola leather factory in Detroit [Cool Hunting]

These donuts from London baker Justin Gellatly look amazing and I'm making it my mission to eat one (or possibly more than one). There's a recipe too, if you want to try and make them at home. [Design Sponge]

Amazing pictures of WWII and present Normandy superimposed. I love seeing images like this because it's exactly what I try to imagine when visiting places rich in history. [The Huffington Post]

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