Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Lately I've been feeling an itch. An itch for more tattoos. I suppose it doesn't help that I follow a few artists on instagram, so am constantly fed images that get me craving new ink. One of those is Maxime B├╝chi, who works from Sang Bleu London and East River Tattoo NYC (among other guest spots) He has been touted a Renaissance Man, with a career that crosses between tattooing, graphic + typeface design, fashion, and publishing. I won't bore you with paraphrasing other information, so let's just say he is an inspiring person.



I don't know if it's like this with other people who have tattoos, but I never really look at mine up close. While contemplating Maxime's work I took a closer inspection of my large upper arm tattoo and realized that it's become quite faded and blurry. I might even consider covering it up with some new work that I have more of a connection to. I'm not sure yet though, I only just got this idea a few days ago so I don't want to jump into anything, not to mention that I don't exactly have funds yet to start a tattoo saga. Plus there are a few other artists whose work I love so I'm not sure how to choose! More thinking to do...


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Maxime did my first (and only) tattoo about a year ago when he came to Australia. I only had 4 days to decide what to get because I got my booking confirmation with such short notice.

I loved his work from the moment I saw it for the first time and I'm glad to have his art on my body. But if I had my chance over I would have gotten something slightly different. Every time I see a new piece of his I feel envious as I always like it better!

Stephanie said...

I didn't know you had something by him! Did you ever post pictures? I can't remember... Yeah, he did a pop-up shop at Selfridges recently- drop-in only, but I felt like it would be too rushed given that I only recently started considering some new ink. I somewhat know what I want but I don't know how to piece all the elements together yet.

Nathalie said...

You post about Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Axel vervoordt and Maxime Buchi? I don't care who you are, please marry me!