Sunday, March 29, 2009

monster mittens version 1

finally! i finally made something i've been dying to make for many weeks, especially when it was so cold and snowing. monster mitts! i have included some inspiration pictures to guide you along with my thought process...

first, this image from balenciaga pre-fall 2009.
Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2009

second there were these from rachel comey:

i was all set to buy them from bird, but they only had pink left. this is also how i was originally going to construct mine. find a pair of elbow length black mittens and sew fur on top. easier said than done, when spring merchandise is proliferating stores right now. no appropriate mittens to be found.


then there was marni fall 2009. solidifying my desire for monster mittens even more. and i noticed the leather thumb. this got me thinking. how about a slip on mitten that will fit over my long leather gloves? perfect and painfully easy to construct.

step 1.

buy some 4-way stretch interlock jersey. trace around glove until top of thumb hole.


cut out shape leaving a seam allowance on all ends. also cut out a piece that will fit from the bottom of the thumb hole to the end of the fur length.


buy the best faux fur you can find in an appropriate glove length (as long as you want)

trace the shape of the mitt, and extend the lines to the bottom of the fur.



when you cut out your fur shape be sure to do it in such a way as to not cut through the long bits of the fur. slide the bottom blade of your scissors closely to the scrim/backing of the fur.



finish the edges of your stretch jersey pieces and sew onto your fur part. flip right side out.



slide your glove through the mitten.



tada! instant monster mitt!


i have lots of fur, jersey, and i also bought some fleece, so i'm going to make a version 2 that are proper mitts (more cleanly finished, lined/insulated) so i can wear them without the leather gloves.

i'm so happy i finally made these, and i hope it stays on the cold side so i can wear them soon!


WendyB said...

Very creative!

-h said...

yes very creative indeed! also i like the shirt you're wearing as well.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Excellent diy!

Cruz said...

Very rad creation! Love the outfit you wore with them too.

katie said...

what a great diy project!
i'm going to try this &link to your tutorial.

this is especially perfect because winter is coming up here. i can't wait for my hands to be shielded from the cold with these.

Teenage Dirtbag said...

Make me some! hahah great job

J Legs said...

wow im gna try make that :)

Shay said...

ack, how wonderful! I've seen these before but never woulda thought to call them "monster mittens." Love it.

pachuco said...

I was just thinking about those Balenciaga monster mittens today. Your DIYs are boss!

anijnas said...

That. Is. Wicked!

simplyolive said...

these look great!! could also hunt down a thrift store fur coat.

borellana said...

You know, I was sort of 'meh' about the whole gorilla arm look, until you posted this DIY how-to. Fab!

Vintage Tea said...

OMG! AMAZING! They look so cool... or warm... whatever. lol.


Fashion Is Poison said...

ooo LOVE IT!

Stephanie said...

thanks for all your comments!

simplyolive- good idea. i have a cut-up grey fur coat around here somewhere, i should make another pair. black vintage/second hand fur is so hard to find!

Anonymous said...

wow, these are fantastic. really.

yuko said...

great idea!! do you have to finish the edges of the furry fabric?

Stephanie said...

yuko- I didn't. I just cut the fur close to the backing so there was still long fur on the edges (and not cut short) Not ideal, just a quick mitten! The next pair will be finished nicer (lined)

judy aldridge said...

That is a great DIY--very fun!

Michelle Park said...

Oh man this is a DIY MUST! So Chewbacca.

Check out my blog!

Kaila said...

Hi! I absolutely LOVE your blog!! Just found it while searching for some pictures of Marni Fur mittens!
Do you have pictures of the Version 2 of your mitts?? I really want to try making them!

Also, check out my blog that I run with my friends! We have some DIY things as well!! I'm going to follow your blog!